Spring Market Home Sales In Charleston

Dated: 03/16/2018

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Spring Market Home Sales in Charleston

Here are a few Pro Tips to get you started down the road of selling your home in Charleston this Spring:

1.     Proper pricing early is critical to maximizing your bottom line. Overpricing shuts out the most likely buyers early - during the time when your home is fresh on the market. Price at the “sweet spot” to grab those most likely buyers while you have their attention.

2.     Study the neighborhood and get a good idea about the degree of negotiation that takes place during a real estate sale. How? Use a comparison of last listing price to the final contract price. Use this range as you set your price.

3.     A sale happens or fails in the first 3 minutes. Prepare your home. Make it look like a model home, smell great, and be convenient to see.

4.     Develop a marketing strategy. Create a budget for online, print, flyers, signs, etc. Marketing has become highly competitive and more complex.

5.     Create an open house plan: safety, advertising, recording visitors, callbacks

6.     Often the first offer is the best you will receive. Be ready for it. If you get an offer quickly, you may conclude that you have underpriced your home. Caution: a brand-new listing priced right garners a lot of attention. You may have just received an offer from someone who has been patiently waiting for a home just like yours to hit the market.

7.     Get out during showings. Buyers are turned off when sellers are present. Plus, sellers often say things inadvertently that can harm negotiations.

8.     Adjust - The market's way of telling you that you need to lower the price is when 1. you have too few showings or 2. after many showings, you are getting few or no offers or you are getting only low ball offers.

9.     The top reasons sellers hire agents today 1. marketing 2. negotiations 3. better bottom line 4. faster sale 5. peace of mind

I will be happy to stop by for a free market analysis. While there I will give you my opinion about what you need to do to get your home ready.

Also, if you ask me to stop by for a preview, I will have a better idea as to whether your home fits my buyers’ needs. I have over 2,000 active buyers and sellers in my data base and I network with several organizations.

Call me. There is no cost or obligation to have me stop by.


Chris DeLoach – Charleston Realtor since 2001

MAT, MEd, ABR, SFR, CNE, Broker/Realtor 


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Chris DeLoach

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